The Greater Houston Chapter

Alumni Association of The City College of New York


About - A Brief History of the Chapter

In the fall of 2005 Gerry Gafka ‘62, who had recently relocated, with his wife Shelia, to Houston, wanted to be a part of the local CCNY Chapter.  He had previously started a chapter in Raleigh, NC and enjoyed the activities and friendships made there.  Gerry contacted Don Jordan, executive Vice President and Mary Roth, Liaison for the CCNY Alumni Association and determined, to his disappointment, that there was no active chapter in Houston.  Based on his previous experience of starting a chapter, it seemed possible to Gerry that one could be started in the Greater Houston area.

 Working with the CCNY Alumni Association, Gerry developed a survey and arranged to have it distributed it with the fall 2005 edition of The Alumnus magazine to approximately 370 CCNY Alumni believed to be in the Houston area.  Nearly 50 responses were received from those alumni who were interested in participating in the activities of a new Houston chapter. Some responses indicated a desire to participate in the formation of the chapter and they were contacted directly by Gerry.  From these initial direct contacts, a Steering Committee was formed comprised of the following members: Gerry Gafka, Joel Kaufman, Marc Helsinger, Isidor Robert Davis, Bob Weinberger, Bob Schwartz, Marie Delgado Travis, and Marty Rothman

 In February 2006, the Steering Committee met for the first time.  They planned, with the assistance of the Alumni Association, a “Chapter Launch” luncheon for April 08, 2008 at The Post Oak Hilton.  The launch luncheon proved to be a great success, with 57 attendees including the Associations Don Jordan and Mary Roth and featured guest Mario Runco, ‘74, a NASA Astronaut, who received an award as an outstanding CCNY Alumni.

 Based on the success of the launch luncheon, the Steering Committee met shortly thereafter to prepare a set of by-laws to govern the workings of the fledgling CCNY Greater Houston Chapter (GHC).  These proposed by-laws were then sent to the CCNY Alumni Association Board for approval. Approval was promptly given in early May 2006 and the GHC became an official CCNY Chapter.

Following approval, the steering committee met again in May 2006 to propose a slate of officers and committee chairpersons.  This group would comprise the Board of Directors and be recommended to the Chapter’s general membership.  These initial recommended leadership team members were: 

 The steering committee then met monthly to plan for a fall meeting part of which include a full chapter membership election of the nominees.  This luncheon meeting, attended by CCNY President Greg Williams and Don Jordon, Executive VP CCNY Alumni Association, was held on November 11, 2006 with the membership approving the nominees.  President Williams then administered the Ephebic oath to the nominees, thereby creating the confirmed new chapter board of directors and officers.

 Subsequently the Chapter Board of Directors meets monthly to plan the biannual chapter meetings and other events and activities.

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